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American Express began as a freight forwarding company in the 1850s, then repositioned as a travel agency, a financial and consulting services company. By recognizing that technology has changed the way people communicate and transact with one another, American Express understands the scope and role of internet technology on the travel market. The corporation turned itself into the booming sector of online services and became an interactive business player in a wide array of services. Today, American Express, known as Amex, is a multi-billion dollar corporation that has reshaped its services and operates more than 1700 travel service locations in over 130 countries across the globe.
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As most travel agencies websites, Amex Web page offered the customer the possibility to research for flight only, flight with hotel, or flight with hotel and car as well as special offers for their members on hotels, vacations packages, complimentary resort stays. The commercial catch of American Express is that the web site offers customers many products with incentives and rewards with the convenience of a unique card when the travel is booked with them. An internaut can wander through the site without being registered but needs to become an American Express member to look deeper into detailed pages. The future customer has the obligation to detain one American Express cards; the gold or platinum car has an annual fee of 75 dollars, fees that can be waived for the first year as a promotion, or the blue or blue-sky card obtainable without any annual fee. Carrying an Amex card offers customary benefits to the travelers on a large array of services such as offering a no deductible and a collision damage waiver when renting a car as well as benefits in case of accidental death or dismemberment coverage with a very small premium. The web site offers a convenient one stop for reservations, planning, and payment arrangements for prestige travel around the world.
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