American Express Research Paper

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GROUP 11 - AMERICAN EXPRESS! PART I: INDUSTRY ANALYSIS: CREATE AN INDUSTRY ANALYSIS BASED ON THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS CP1-7 | | Team Project: Examining an Annual Report | | | As a team, select an industry to analyze. Reuters provides lists of industries under Sectors and Industries at (Click on an industry and then select Company Rankings for a list of members of that industry.) Each team member should acquire the annual report or 10-K for one publicly traded company in the industry, with each member selecting a different company. (Library files, the SEC EDGAR service at, or the company itself are good…show more content…
Discuss any patterns across the companies that you as a team observe. Then, as a team, write a short report comparing and contrasting your companies. 1. | | For the most recent year, what is (are) the major revenue account(s)? What percentage is each to total operating revenues? (Calculated as Revenue A ÷ Total revenues.) | 2. | | For the most recent year, what is (are) the major expense account(s)? What percentage is each to total operating expenses? (Calculated as Expense A ÷ Total expenses.) | 3. | | Ratio Analysis: a. | | What does the total asset turnover ratio measure in general? | b. | | Compute the ratio for the last three years. | c. | | What do your results suggest about the company? | d. | | If available, find the industry ratio for the most recent year, compare it to your results, and discuss why you believe your company differs or is similar to the industry ratio. | | 4. | | Describe the company 's revenue recognition policy, if reported. (Usually in the Significant Accounting Policies footnote.) | 5. | | The ratio of Cash from Operating Activities divided by Net
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