American Farms Great Again Is The Motto For Burlington Robotics

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Make American farms great again is the motto for Burlington Robotics. Autonomous means: controlled by a computer without a need for human intervention. United States farmers compete globally for market share and Burlington Robotics wants to provide the machines needed to reach the greatest potential. The next revolution in farming will be autonomous farming. Bet the Farm, Best Robotics game for 2016 is a great example of the changes that are occurring in agriculture. Farmers concerns with the autonomous tractor revolution include: safety, command and control, laborers, efficiency and cost.
Autonomous farming could reduce farm accidents. According to the United States Department of Labor approximately 300 fatalities occur each year due to vehicular incidents on the farm. Autonomous farm machinery could decrease these numbers. Make an automated farm a safer place with Vantage (copyright) obstacle detection and avoidance. Equip robotic farm vehicles with the ability to see and safely react to unexpected hazards.
The first step in environmental awareness, this specialized LiDAR sensor produces a 3D area readout that identifies potential obstacles and integrates seamlessly with Vantage.
The on-board and remote emergency-stops (e-stops) serve as a safety override, immediately halting all vehicle operations, as well as a toggle between manual/automatic control. According to
Command And Control
According to

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