American Film Title Designer: Kyle Cooper

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Kyle Cooper is an American film title designer how is responsible for creating some of the most invitational and evocative title sequences. Designing title sequences for film and television with a unique style and ability to invoke an emotional response through his imagery and use of narrative. He is often compared to Saul Bass and his Typography approach to titles sequences, In the title’s for Saul Bass Psycho, he get across the nature of his main character with slicing up uneven Type and shapes moving vertical and horizontal causes a sense of unease and discomfort. The use of Typographic method acting, to animate the words shows the emotional effect of type and how it can reflect the film.

Kyle cooper’s titles are more that just a title they give an emotional response in a audience with his bark and bold and unforeseen style that draws you in and hooks you

His most admired work comes from the 1995 title sequence of the American film "Seven”. Not since Saul Bass's title sequence to The Man With the Golden Arm and Vertigo have credits attracted such attention.

But Cooper was already a title-sequence expert at this stage with more than 40 credits to his name

“Each film is a different problem to solve so each is different” Kyle cooper
Typeface has got to be a character through the narrative. It should really carry a part of the story.

The first scene we are presented with a black screen, with the sounds of Dinah Washington singing ‘A Stranger on Earth’ being played
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