American Flag Speeches

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The American flag have mutiple means to me. It means justice, leadership, opportunity, and delusional. The flag remind me of justice; in America jjustice is a big part of us. People say we government the world, but who else will do so. We ensure people around the world have a fair chance no matter what race, or nationality they are. We treat them with respect and as human nothing below that; we are the peace keepers. This is why I also think the flag represent leadership as well. We do thing that no one wants to do, we do it because we understand, our history shows that. We been treated unfairly by the british, so we fled and made our own country that stand on its own. during the first world war when Europe was badly dameged during world war 2, we help them rebuild.…show more content…
Another representation that I have on the American flag is opportunity. We give opportunity to thoses who can't find it in their mother land or who is treated badly and need a better environment for their kids or themself. In America we give every one somewhat an equal opportunity. We give others a choice in life; America is so inspirational that other crountry copy our way of
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