American Foreign Diplomacy From Washington 's `` Isolationism `` Essay

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1. Trace the evolution of American foreign diplomacy from Washington’s “isolationism” to Monroe’s “interventionist” policies.

Throughout history, George Washington and James Monroe generated many different foreign policies that helped flourish America across the world. During George Washington’s presidency, the country had a hard time trying to gain economic power. The country was going through a tough time trying to gain money, because the idea of trading was just not working out. Under James Monroe’s presidency, he created the Monroe Doctrine, which allowed the United States to warn the Western Hemisphere that the U.S. would not allow for the countries in Europe to expand colonization. I will explain the presidents in between these two presidents, while also including them.
The United States was trying to expand its trading options during the late 1770s on into the 1780s with European nations. The U.S. had trouble with this because the country was already going failing economically. The idea was to try to avoid conflict with any nation if possible. The view of “isolationism” comes from the idea of trying to have interference with the European nations, but also trying to avoid conflict. Washington sent John Jay over to Great Britain to try negotiate a plan for America to trade in the Mediterranean without conflict. Washington hosted a conference in 1785, he wanted to discuss trade regulations between the states of Virginia and Maryland. The convention was to be brought up

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