American Foreign Policy Among The Cold War

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AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY LEADING TO THE COLD WAR Janine Douglas CHST 604 Professor Kasprzak 16 July, 2015 The twentieth century was one that was characterized by many years of war, as well as unprecedented economic, political, and technological change for the whole world. As technology, transportation, and communication evolved, the world seemed to be getting smaller, and the need for world powers to interact with each other grew unavoidable. According to Alan Dobson and Steve Marsh in their book US Foreign Policy since 1945, "this is the age of personal summitry, of diplomacy by presidents and prime ministers. Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin invented it in wartime and it is radically different from diplomatic experience prior to 1939." This means that the world leaders go directly to each other to discuss internal affairs, making foreign policies into a very personal matter for world leaders. Thus, it was during this time that the complex world of foreign policy became entangled in the three wars that were predominant in this century - the First World War, the Second World War, and the Cold War. At this time, the older, more established powers found it ever more necessary to interact with the powers and countries that were growing and changing across the world, as well as with each other. New countries emerged at the end of both wars, Middle Eastern and African countries played ever more important roles in the global stage, and Asian countries found themselves
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