American Foreign Policy And Foreign Aid

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American Foreign Policy and Foreign Aid America tends to involved herself in many other countries affairs. This creates large amounts of national debt, war, and in some cases enemies. I believe that the American government should leave other counties alone until they decrease nation debt, decrease unemployment rate, and end our current complications with other countries. For those of you who do not know what foreign policy is, it is the way that America’s government interacts with other countries. Foreign aid is the amount of money and any other services that America’s government gives to other countries. This includes any gift, loan or credit. This also includes any training service, property, personal technical advices or agricultural commondimently (Foreign Assistance Act of 1963). An example of U.S. foreign policy was during the late 1930s and early 1940s during WW2 when we had a hands off policy because we were suffering from the great depression but after Pearl Harbor was attacked we joined the War (National WW2 Museum, pg 1). An example of U.S. foreign aid is the 3.1 billion dollars that we give to Israel (U.S. State Government 2013-2014 Foreign Assistance Report) America has always had a strong influence on the rest of the world, and has always been relied and depended upon by other countries for money and Aid in general. Approximately 76% of all the countries in the world receive American aid (U.S. State Government 2013-2014 Foreign Assistance Report). This is
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