American Foreign Policy And The Education System

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When Noam Chomsky speaks about education, he referred to it as an “imposed ignorance”. Thoughts on Intellectuals and The School is written by world-renowned linguist, Noam Chomsky as a response to the issues of Western education and the impact it has in the lives of the intellectuals and scholars. Chomsky is noting that intellectuals often cared more about attaining power than exposing the lies and truth. With that, he provided examples from the failure of the American Foreign Policy and decision making system to which the intellectual community fails to contribute its opinions to social issues, and instead, disdained from it. Furthermore, Chomsky suggested that schools should provide more discussions revolving moral and ethical concerns of the actions of governments, in particular, popular movements and propagandas that contribute to the indifference of intellectuals.

Issues Raised:
American Foreign Policy and The Education System Chomsky used the example of the Vietnam War, where he regarded it as an “outburst of criminal insanity” by the American side as the U.S. was fighting not against the communist movement in North Vietnam, but rather for the independence of South Vietnam. This can be seen as a failure of the Western education system that is easily affected by what is said in the mass media and press releases, and hence, tends to move away from discussions regarding the atrocities and failures of governments and individuals in power in their policy making,…
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