Essay about American Foreign Policy in Syria

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There is an increasingly growing global controversy about whether the United States should intervene in the Syrian conflict, and whether this intervention should be military or strategic. The U.S. has recently avoided interfering militarily in Syria or providing the rebels with direct support, but admitted the presence of the Syrian opposition.
However, the U.S. has been criticized for its non-intervention policy, especially with the rise in the level of violence and the spread of conflict to other areas of the country, and even to its borders with Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.
The Syrian Crisis began almost three years ago. Since then, the killings, the bombings and the fleeing haven’t stopped. Obama’s administration was blamed for letting
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On the other hand, a U.S. military intervention is unlikely to happen since the U.S. cannot afford, politically or economically, an unsecured contribution to the Syrian war for an unpredictable period of time, especially after Obama’s foreign policy has been focused on ending all military involvements in Iraq and Afghanistan. The U.S. army hasn’t seemed to rest from the wounds of the two major past war, and veteran families were promised that military interventions will end, which makes the issue of intervention in Syria even more complicated for the U.S.
Moreover, nothing really secures a stable post-war situation in Syria. Even if the regime falls apart and Assad leaves, a national chaos will most likely dominate in Syria, because the Syrian people themselves don’t know yet what is best to come next, or what kind of regime should rule their country. Some are afraid that the extremist pro-Al Qaeda jihadist group might take over and make things worse with an Islamic state in Syria, which also threatens the rest of neighboring countries and messes with the balance of powers in the Middle East region.
“The New American Foundation's Brian Fishman recommends a patient approach of training and modestly arming rebels,” said an online article for the Council of Foreign Relations. Others suggest that the U.S. should reach out for the non-extremists in Syria and work with them to most importantly secure the collapse of Assad’s regime. The U.S. helped over the
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