American Freedom And Self Government

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Nonconformist Americans
Americans have never accepted being told what to do. They do not tolerate dictatorship and the limiting of their freedom. In 1919, an American freedom was taken. When the government began regulating the consumption of alcohol (Prohibition), they created one of the largest internal rebellions that Americans have ever participated in. Alongside the battle that had previously existed for racial equality, women are still on the hunt for total equality. Females of all ages and backgrounds are still fighting for the same opportunities that are presented to males. Future struggles are to be anticipated to these battles that have displayed the fire within Americans and how they refuse to conform to beliefs that they do not agree with. (Blumenthal pages 62-65)
It all began before the United States even knew who they were. America was under British rule and did not have a steady government other than the rule from England. As the number of restrictions placed upon Americans grew staggeringly high, the first step to American freedom and self-government was taken. The quickly diminishing rights of this body of people took its toll, creating a divided nation. Citizens detached themselves from the reign of British government and gradually built themselves back up on their own. It was the first true example of American revolution and set a stairway for the rest of history. That stairway created the modern day examples of rebellion and individuality (“American…
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