American Freedom : The Freedom Of Freedom In America

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Everyone has their own version of what the definition of freedom is here in the United States but the basic definition it is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Under the circumstances of following the laws. As time has gone on it has helped freedom come along way with all the different eras and the ups and the downs that occurred that has shaped us to that “American Dream” of freedom we have today. There are many events that helped shape Americans freedom today and these are just some of the events that really helped push the rights we have today, woman starting to get jobs, slaves getting freed, Native Americans sharing land, segregation, equal rights to all and passing the law for gay marriage.
While the United States was learning to become peaceful after our Civil War, about 30 years go by and things start to change. Women were starting to become more progressive along with other groups, this became known as the progressive era. “Women were starting to get more involved into the workforce and get more clerical jobs that men would normally do, women were not just homemakers. Women have not gotten the right to vote yet, along with African Americans. The law that gave women the right to vote was passed in 1919 and it became ratified during 1920.” During the time of the Reconstruction era, there was the beginning of newly acquired rights which the government was trying to find a way to protect those newly rights.
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