American Freedom and Its Relationship to Government Authority

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The Whigs were of the belief that there should be some kind of strong central government. That is involved in a number of activities to include: the building of roads, maintaining of harbors and canals. This was designed to improve commerce among the states and it would streamline the power of the federal government. At the same time, they were focused on having different morals projected to everyone including: temperance and Sabbatarianism. These areas showing how the Whigs definition of freedom is based upon: a strong central government who can protect and enhance it. This meant that the power of the federal government increased in order to achieve these objectives. ("The Second Party System," 2011) (Ragone, 2012) A good example of this can be seen with the Bank of the United States. This was established in 1791 by a pro federalist Congress. The basic idea is that trade had been limited between the states because of the lack of standards and coordination. The bank had the authority to print and control money (which improved commerce). This institution is one of the many ideas that Whigs had about the power of the federal government and its ability to deal with a host of challenges. As a result, their definition of freedom is based upon a…
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