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American Government

Each type of government holds different views as to the role the leaders and citizens should perform in their country .Different types of government include, oligarchy where the government is run by the best leaders, Tyranny, where they believe those in power should have complete control over its people. In the United States of America, we believe in democracy, rule by the majority. The main problem with our type of government is maintaining it. Our government and its citizens have lost sight of their roles and responsibilities, in government.

The role of the government in our country is defined in our Constitution as to, "establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the
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Although I myself do not wish to participate in theses activities, I do not think that is my duty or that of the governments to tell others that they cannot do these things. The government is crossing the line from being a democracy to becoming a combination of Oligarchy and Tyranny type government by telling its people what they can and cannot do in their private lives.

The private citizens seem to have lost sight of their role in government as well. The people have forgotten that they are just as part of the government as the people that hold positions in office. Citizens of this country sit around and complain about what the governments does or doesn't do. They complain about the government running their lives. What they seem to have forgotten is, they have elected theses people. When it comes to voting, the people should look into the person that they are voting for. They need to ask themselves, What does this person stand for? Does this person believe in the things that are important to me? Will this person make the right decisions? The problem is,too many people just vote for whom ever is affiliated to the party of their choice. It is the duty of the citizens of America to vote and vote wisely. We need to remember our role in government, if we want the government to remember theirs.

How perfect would It be if our government was run according to Lao-tzu and his teachings in Tao-te Ching? Lao-tzu believed in the unseen

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