American Healthcare : A Unique And Complex

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Escape Fire Gabrielle Lester-Lubrano Southeastern Louisiana University College of Nursing and Health Sciences School of Nursing N479-90I April 27, 2016 American healthcare is very unique and complex. Escape Fire does a great job at trying to uncover the truths of healthcare in the United States (U.S.). According to Collins, Gunja, and Beutel (2015), 10.4 percent of the U.S. population, or 33 million people, were uninsured in 2014. This is a decrease from 2013 when 13.3 percent of Americans were uninsured. The decline in uninsured rates has been attributed to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA makes healthcare available to most people by subsidizing insurance through the health care marketplace, which…show more content…
These patients often have multiple conditions that need complex care involving a wide range of treatment modalities. According to Freudberg (2013), treating the whole person is described as considering nutrition, exercise, mind-body connection, spirituality, human relationships, physical environment, and personal and professional developments (p. 3). It is a system that is focused on helping people become healthy using their own body rather than managing diseases with pharmacological drugs. Escape Fire also adds non-pharmacological treatments, disease prevention, and health promotion as part of treating the whole person (Heineman and Froemke, 2012). The root of the health problem needs to be identified in order to treat the patient effectively and prevent the patient entering the hospital. Eliminating the root of the problem will help the person to become healthy again. However, the healthcare system in the U.S. thrives on the chronic patients and does not support the patient in finding the cause of the health issue. The doctors focus on reducing the symptoms associated with chronic disease due to the limited time spent with each patient (Heineman and Froemke, 2012). Medical students and nursing students are at an advantage since they are not required to follow such strict guidelines because they are still students. The students can be the catalyst in the healthcare industry to help the
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