American Healthcare : A Unique And Complex

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Escape Fire
Gabrielle Lester-Lubrano
Southeastern Louisiana University
College of Nursing and Health Sciences School of Nursing
April 27, 2016

American healthcare is very unique and complex. Escape Fire does a great job at trying to uncover the truths of healthcare in the United States (U.S.). According to Collins, Gunja, and Beutel (2015), 10.4 percent of the U.S. population, or 33 million people, were uninsured in 2014. This is a decrease from 2013 when 13.3 percent of Americans were uninsured. The decline in uninsured rates has been attributed to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA makes healthcare available to most people by subsidizing insurance through the health care marketplace, which allows for lower rates.
Treating the whole person
Primary care physicians (PCP) are important to help promote health and wellness and manage chronic conditions on an outpatient basis. PCPs try to keep patients out of the hospital by promoting health and preventing disease. However, as Escape Fire illustrates, the PCP office has become a revolving door of patients who come in again and again with the same problems. Physicians get reimbursed based on a fee-for-service system. The more tests, procedures, and visits the patient has, the more money the doctor gets paid. There is also a time limit the doctor has with each patient because reimbursement is based on how many patients the doctor sees per day (Heineman and Froemke, 2012). This is…
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