American Healthcare Reform Essay

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America is a country in trouble. The leader of the free world is losing touch with the beliefs that it has been founded on. Its government grows farther from the people creating a clear distinction between those in power and those not, and on March 21, 2010 they passed a major bill. A bill that makes the American government the care providers for the country, essentially stating that companies lead by American citizens were not capable of doing it themselves. The bill that was passed is known as the Health Care-Reform bill. This Health Care –Reform is a terrible solution to the even worse problem that is Americas’ broken Health care system. What this new bill is intended to provide universal access to healthcare for all Americans,…show more content…
This new system will be incredibly expensive, so there will be new taxes added on to support it. This decrease’s the average Americans spending power, which means now less money is being put into the economy. Even if the middle class can support this tax it will still hurt the economy. The reason being is that taxes and new taxes especially carry a mental affect with them. They make people feel as if they suddenly are losing money so they stop putting their money back into the economy. Not only will taxes be raised, people will be paying for millions of illegal immigrants who will be able to use this new system without ever paying for it, thus increasing the tax burden on the average working class American. The Middle class of America will be hit the hardest by this Health Care-Reform. They will pay the most and not benefit from it as much as those that they will be supporting. One might find themselves asking why the government would do this, why in the midst of an economic recession would they put more strain on America’s already shrinking middle class. Then once you look past the taxes you find even more expenses. In an article written by CNN it is stated that “Those picking a bronze plan, which carry the lowest monthly rates, may have to spend $5,000 or more before the insurance kicks in. The next highest level of coverage, the silver tier, can carry $2,000 deductibles. And once
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