American Heart Association Case Analysis: Competitive Strategy and Operational Goals

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American Heart Association Case Analysis Competitive Strategy and Operational Goals Since 1924 the American Heart Association has been very successful in raising funds, sponsoring research, and spreading awareness of the causes and consequences of stroke and heart disease. In 2006 in support of their mission statement “Building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke”, the AHA announced a new strategic goal of increasing their total revenue from $600 million to $1 billion in order to reduce the death rate from coronary heart disease and stroke by 25 percent by 2010. In order to achieve such a lofty goal, the AHA acknowledged the need to identify and develop a differentiated workforce that would be able to …show more content…
These operational goals along with a new workforce philosophy changed the way in which leadership viewed the organization and did business by creating a top grading equity model for workforce management by which jobs were differentiated by investment and how they impacted the AHA’s strategy. Creating Value for Key Constituents The American Heart Association creates value for its key constituents corporations, individual donors, and foundations by leveraging their most strategic capability fund-raising. Although fund development is AHA’s most strategic capability it is driven by the utilization of AHA’s talent capabilities which are volunteer acquisition and management, and strategic talent development. In order to exhibit how this value is created, the organization developed a strategy process and transition map
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