American History: A Revolution in the Colonies

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Revolution in the Colonies The revolution was more about the political freedom than economic issues. This was a political turmoil that took place between 1775 to 1783; 13 British colonies joined together to liberate themselves from the British Empire and unite to from the United States of America (American Revolutionary War, 2011). It began with the rejection of the Parliament of the Great Britain, which lacked their representation, as governing body from overseas, then followed sending away all the royal officials and representatives and consequent forming of Provincial Congress which made up the self governing state in 1774. The changes pushed the British to send troops to America to reinstate the direct rule hence forming the Second Continental Congress in 1775 to stop thin incursion by the British troops. This was what was and still is famously know as the American Revolutionary War of 1775. Ultimately, the USA determined that the British no longer had the legitimacy to rule the USA and in July 1776, upon being a sovereign state, the USA severed all ties with the British Empire and endorsed United States Declaration of Independence. Origin of government At the very early stages of the formation of the government, there were intentions to form a limited government in the article of confederation. This would have seen a system where the central government had very little contact or interference with the individual lives of the people like what wages one decided
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