American History And Its Impact On The West And Distant Future

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Unsurprisingly, many historic cultures have not been accurately studied in modernity. Due to personal biases, incomplete data, or a multitude of other issues, incorrect perceptions about these collapsed societies remain. However, modern studies are beginning to reveal the inaccuracies of those enduring, false notions. It is valuable to compare misunderstandings to the historic reality in addition to discovering why the past happened as it did. Although newer, more factual information will not erase long-taught misconceptions about collapsed societies like Jamestown, El Dorado, or the Norse Greenlanders, it provides the chance to better understand historic events in an effort to help guide decisions that could affect the near and distant future. Jamestown has a permanently secured place in American history as the young country’s first successful, permanent colony. When the Europeans arrived in 1606 with 104 men and boys hoping to find their riches in the New World, they found a largely empty landscape. Over the next few decades, the Jamestown people were able to thrive while the native populations were dying because the colonists had more advanced technology, Christianity, and European sensibilities. They were able to properly manage the empty, surrounding area, convert it to farmland, and grow highly profitable tobacco that helped spur further growth in what would become the US. However, it’s reality tells a much different story. The first colonists arrived in March and by

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