American History And The Civil War Essay

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One of American history’s famous battles involves the diverging of Northern and Southern states. Even when this time period itself is taught, at least from my experience learning it, that divide between Northern and Southern ideology seems even more pronounced. As United States territory expanded, so did hesitations of citizens on both sides—both Northerners and Southerners thought strongholds were put in place to sway governmental opinion, and consequently, actions. In order to bring the nation back together, the Civil War would decide America’s future. Before the issue of emancipation, Northern and Southern economies were vastly different, so the need for slaves differed between regions. While the North became more industrial and diversified their economy, specifically after the creation of the Cotton Gin, the South didn’t experience much of a change. Southern plantations were still mainly agriculturally based and rarely even had a rotation of crops. Because of this, the Southern economy was significantly more turbulent than the Northern economy. The use of slaves also differs in comparison, as there are certain things specific to the region. Slaves in the South, particularly males, were used as field hands to pick cotton or tend to tobacco, while female slaves worked in the houses of plantations. Due to more land being available to citizens in the South (especially for the rich), wealthy plantation owners had much more land to their disposal, therefore much more crops
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