American History Assignment

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American History
Pick either New England or the South. How does this region change or not change (in terms of economics, politics, social structure, and culture) in the period from 1600 to 1750?
In the South the economics shifted drastically from an impoverished agrarian culture to one that that relied increasingly on cotton and tobacco in the Chesapeake region, rice in the Carolinas and sugar experts as far south as the Caribbean. These three crops where of strategic significance to the economy, politics, social structure and rapidly evolving culture of America at that time. Initially seeking to increase the return on investment in the region, many companies worked to attract greater capital and colonists. One company who succeeded at this was Virginia Company, who in 1618 put into place significant reforms that granted land to individuals. The company also created a "headright" system for granting land to individuals. Long-term this acted as a catalyst of further economic growth, accelerating the planting and harvesting of high-value crops and a shift in politics and social structure. An unfortunate aspect of this rapid economic growth was the further acceleration of slavery throughout the most fertile areas of the South. This would set the foundation for further cultural and political conflict in future decades and centuries to come.
Why did the colonists become increasingly resentful of British rule, to the point of actual rebellion?
It became apparent quickly that
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