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American History EOC Study Guide 1) Reconstruction: A plan to reconstruct the society after the Civil War. This divided the south (except Tennessee) into 5 military districts under the control of the U.S. Army. It was the attempt to reconstruct the south, readmit the southern states back into the Union, and change the life of African Americans. (pg. 414) 2) Freedman’s Bureau: Congress created this in March of 1865 in order to provide help for thousands of poor black and white southerners uprooted by the fighting. They were educated in Freedman Schools, housed, and fed. “Plenty to eat, nothing to do” (pg. 404) 3) Transcontinental Railroad: One of the first railroads built that would cross the whole country. It also helped…show more content…
24) Alexander G. Bell: This man invented the telephone. He beat another person with the same idea to the patent office by only a few hours. 25) Thomas Edison: He invented the electric light bulb. He created a lighting system near Wall Street powered by his own generator. 26) Cattle Drive & Barb Wire: The demand for beef after the Civil War sparked the cattle boom. Ranchers would hire cowboys to drive longhorns in trails to cities where they could by shipped to meat packaging plants. Open range drives were ended with the invention of barbwire by Joseph Glidden which enclosed cattle in a field. Most of the cattle died in severe blizzards which brought an end to it. 27) Indian Wars: The Indian Wars were the battles and conflicts between Great Plains Indians and settlers. The Battle of Little Bighorn was the only battle the Indians won. They eventually stopped resisting and were moved to reservations. 28) Dawes Act: This law gave each Indian head of house property to farm eliminating most of the reservations. Indian children were taken east and Americanized. 29) Fredrick J Turner: He developed the “Frontier Thesis” was the settlement of the west. This was the most distinctive and important development in U.S. History. 30) Populist Political Party: A group of farmers, labor leaders, and reformers who supported Alliance and Grange demands like income tax and

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