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How did American society change in the two decades after the First World War?

World War I was a catalyst of the great depression. U.S. attempted to rebuild for approximately four years after World War I. Due to the casualties of the war, the workforce was lacking. The repayment of wartime debts became tough for the people. They’re significant huge increase unemployment. Thus, parents were having significant problems feeding and clothing their families. Because of the lack of money there, were significant effects on consumer goods.

In 1929 the Wall Street Crashed and fortunes were lost and the stock market was crippled. Businesses were virtually wiped out, in as little amount of time as a week. .

How did the federal government
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In my opinion, the people and government all benefited from the new acts and departments set up oversee the following areas:

1. The banking system which was strengthened and benefits both the banking system and the people

2. The Social Security Act was set up to help out the elderly.

3. The House Sector, the New Deal stimulated private home building industry and this increased the number of families buying houses.

4. Unions were set up to help the poor working class people. The unions made working conditions more fair for the average person.

These are just a few of the Acts that help out the people.

In my opinion, the people who suffered because of these changes were women and Native Americans. It was felt that the New Deal Acts were set up to benefit men.

Most people saw the Indian Reorganization as a failure because some of the tribal self-government. Many reservations, its provisions have exacerbated differences between traditional and those who have adopted a European-American ways. Native
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