American History Essay

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Question 1
Prior to the arrival of Europeans, the Iroquois developed a confederation to: control violence that may have occurred over territory conflicts. Question 2
The religious dissatisfaction, that ultimately played a factor in the colonization of the New World by "Separatists," began in 1517 when which of the following men publically protested the Catholic Church? Martin Luther Question 3
Refer to the map entitled "Indian Groups in the Areas of First Contact (Map 1.4)" in your textbook. Which of the following groups was not considered a group of the Southwest? Natchez Question 4
Which is NOT viewed as a result of the fur trade? Answer An increase in the number of African slaves
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Roanoke Island
Question 14

Prior to European colonization, warfare was common amongst farming communities as a method to gain additional __________. land

Question 15

__________ was the French explorer whose voyages served to claim Canada for France.
Jacques Cartier

Question 16
The Spanish, French, and English all explored America and left a lasting mark on the New World’s development. Compare and contrast the colonization methods used by each. Be sure to discuss the goals, characteristics, and lasting effects of each power’s methods.
According to the text, in the sixteenth century the Spanish invaded the Caribbean’s in order to conquer North and South America. The French and English invaded the Atlantic coast in the seventeenth century (Faragher, Buhle, Czitrom, & Armitage, 2009, p. 32). The goals of the Spanish were to over throw the Aztec empire and Indian people. Due to disease, which was known as their secret weapon, explained their success in conquest. Their characteristics were violent and the cruelties caused the death of millions of Indians. The lasting effects of the Spanish are that they were able to build a rich and powerful empire and most law and policy came from them as well.
In regards to the French, their goal was to create settlements along the coast of Brazil and Florida. In addition to establishing a religious refuge in the New World for Huguenots. Some lasting effects that the

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