American History: Impact of Globalization on American Life

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Globalization impacts every area of American life: from the products we buy to the way we do things. One of the ways globalization affects individual communities is by making those communities more diverse. Globalization makes the migration of people, as well as products and stores, more possible. There are some negative aspects of globalization. For example, globalization makes it more likely that we will see less variety of stores. The proliferation of the same stores in every neighborhood, even throughout the world, makes for a more homogenized society. I see a Starbucks everywhere, as well as McDonalds. One impact of globalization that has both pros and cons is that English has become the predominant language. English enables people from different countries to communicate, but it also means that people in the English speaking countries have an advantage. The popularity of rap music around the world is one of the positive signs of globalization. Rap music evolved as an art and cultural form of expression of the African-American community. Because rap lyrics are often political in nature, the popularity of rap has grown worldwide. Rap represents multiculturalism, because it embraces diversity. The popularity of the music shows that white audiences can be receptive to African-American art forms. Rap music lyrics are sometimes controversial but in general, they promote free speech. Moreover, hip-hop has always been an artistic movement that includes expressions like dance
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