American History

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Last name 1 First name Last name Instructor's Name Course Number 15 February 2016 SECTION 1 Describe the economic, social and political importance of water in the historical narrative from 1500 through the 1790's. Introduction The use of water in the history of the United States impacted the everyday life of the various inhabitants presents during the vast period from early 16 century to the 1790's. Before the colonist and settlers ever migrated to this region, the natives who were the Indians were able to grow a few crops and conduct regular fishing as part of their diet. Upon the arrival of the white people, they were able to trade with them in exchange for their products like kitchenware and clothes. They were able to live…show more content…
Ships were important in the growth of the fishing industry, and the growth of one led to the growth of the other (Foner, VOF, 50). Coastal towns also grew as people settled on the banks to provide employment as well as gain from the expansive world. The ship making industry was support by the availability of trees and forests which provided ship making materials. Some of these were transported by the waterways such as rivers and all the way down to the coast. With the increase in the number of ships came more traffic and more globe-trotting. This also enhanced international trade and especially the Transatlantic Triangular Trade. This is where the three continents, Europe went to Africa to get slaves who would work on the plantations in America from where the Europeans would carry the raw materials back home which would be manufactured into finished goods. This also helps in explain the last usage of waterways and bodies and their economic effect. In the transport industry, before the railroads came, people used water bodies to transport heavy and large cargo. Water bodies were the only linkage between continents and specifically, these three that traded in the Atlantic Ocean. This interconnectivity is even what led to the discovery of the Americas by the first person from the West. It is self-evident that ships have a huge capacity that the human caravans of beasts of burdens. Ships, on the other hand, had huge capacities and could
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