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With rapid changes occurring during our present-day, many have always pondered the thought, “How did America become this way?” Taking a step back, we are able to analyze our past, understand the present, and connect the dots leading into our future. Many of our ancestors left behind stories and clues that have given us knowledge on how America became, “Land of the Free” directing us into a better understanding of American history. Taking a look back at Unit 1, we were able to learn reasons that lead up to the American Revolution and how life became different throughout the country. When we first discuss American history, we must always recognize the contributions Native Americans made before this country was re-discovered. Afore America …show more content…
In our first discussion board, we learned about the Spanish empire and their effect on America. During the time of the Spanish reign “New World Orders” were set in place changing the old customs that were once traditional to the native’s land. Religion such as the Catholic Church, “Played a significant role in the administration of Spanish colonies” (Foner pg. 21) which was to initiate change and bring forth a new tradition amongst Native Americans as well as African Slaves. In the lecture (Pre-Colombian America), it said that, “Women who accepted Christianity and other European ways were depicted as proof and promise of success of the transplant of English culture in the New World.” During our second discussion board, we learned about the “Casta” paintings and why the Spanish artists depicted Native Americans and Africans as poor compared to the Spanish who were depicted as wealthy. It is said that the reason Spanish artists created these paintings was to ensure their wealth by sending off paintings to Spain in order to boast about their status of being noble class as well as their success in The New World. Although Spain’s authority in Europe began to weaken, an increase of immigration from Europe to America would later give rise to an everlasting effect when the English would soon colonize America. Over the course of time, slavery had taken an increase throughout North

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