American History Quiz

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Q1. Assess both Patriot and British strengths and weaknesses when the Revolution began. How did the United States win the War against such a powerful adversary?
Without the benefit of hindsight, one might be tempted to draw the conclusion that the American army was foolish to rebel against the British: "the British army was the best trained, best equipped, and most professional army in the world. The Royal Navy was, at the time of the American Revolution, the undisputed ruler of the High Seas" (Tubbs 2009). In contrast, "the American army was poorly supplied, insufficiently trained (initially), and inconsistently paid" and the colonies lacked a centralized government at the time (Tubbs 2009). However, the American army had the advantage of knowing the territory and even more important the loyalty of the majority of the populace (Tubbs 2009). The British government had been behaving in a belligerent and insensitive manner towards the colonists, raising the ire even of formerly loyal subjects of the crown living in the Americas. The British soldiers, in contrast, fought largely out of duty versus personal conviction.
The Americans also had the advantage of foreign support, specifically the financial support of France (Faragher, Buhle, Czitrom, & Armitage, 2009). And just as importantly, they had the leadership of General George Washington, who made several decisive moves which resulted in a victory for the colonists. "Had General Washington not attacked the Hessians at
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