American History Retells World War II

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American history retells World War II (WWII) stories about heroes, and their contribution to the success in ending the conflict between Japan and the United States (U.S.). The U.S. Military’s attempt to seize key islands in the South Pacific seem futile as Japanese Imperial Intelligence Teams (JIIT) monitored U.S. communications systems. Messages intercepted by the JITT compromised U.S. Military synchronization activities, putting their efforts and the lives of American Soldier’s at risk. The Navajo Code Talker program is the U.S. Marine Corps’ solution to secure communications.
World War I (WWI) introduced the concept of securing lines of communication with a foreign language not used by both sides during the war. Innovative combat Commanders utilized Native Americans and their language within their ranks to send secure message. These Native transmissions had flaws. The messages transmitted in the native language did not have a coded format. Military terms for rank, weapons, and vehicles also did not exist in the Native vocabulary. At the conclusion of WWI, the Germans identified the Native American tribes by their language used during the war, exploiting and deterring any further similar attempts to secure messages. The U.S. Military ceased further improvements into the augmentation of native languages and radio communication.
The U.S. Military, struggling with a communication disadvantage in the early stages of WWII proposed to employ Native Americans and their language
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