American History : The American Revolution

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Phuong Dung Ngo
History 101
Assignment A
The American in 1606
History is important because it has always encouraged everyone to think creatively about their nation’s history and take them back to the past in order to learn. The American Revolution (1775-1783) is one of the most famous events in American history. Why did it happen and how did it happen? There are many reasons to explain the colonial feelings leading up to the American Revolution. When the thirteen colonies were founded in 1607, it forever changed America and the way the country is today. Through the reading in chapter six, one can see the rebellious patriot is most compelling as found in there. Further more, American identity also is evidence in the document through the Salutary Neglect.
One of the major events of American history began from the thirteen colonies that were founded by Britain. In December 6, 1606, the Virginia Company was established by King James and divided into two groups: London Company and the Plymouth. At that time the three ships contain 144 men and boys whom arrived to North America to start a settlement in the New World. On May 13, 1607, they picked a place in Virginia for their settlement and named it Jamestown. Step by step, 13 colonies were established and divided into three areas: the Northern Colonies, the Middle Colonies and the Southern colonies. The British originally controlled the 13 colonies such as the import and exports of trade between American, African, and…
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