American History : The Cherokee Nation

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The Cherokee nation has been entwined in American history since the discovery of Columbus. From fighting against the Americans in the Revolutionary War to being forced onto the Trail of Tears in the 1800s, from fighting for their land to their large growth in Oklahoma, the Cherokee has had a long and hard existence. They have influenced American politics and culture for many years. Throughout their vast history, the Cherokee have been a great point of culture and tradition in America.
The Cherokee needed a reliable sources of food and sustenance to grow into the cultural monument of the Native Americans.. Being in the Southeast, the Cherokee had very fertile lands, plentiful hunting, and bountiful fishing. “The economic mainstay of the Southeast Indian was corn. Several varieties were grown, including ‘Little corn’/(related to popcorn); flint, or homing, corn; and flour, or dent, corn” (“Southeast Indian” 1). The corn plant helped give the Cherokee a very reliable food source that supported long travel, trading, and hunting, and it was very easy to farm and grow. Besides the corn plant they also planted beans, squash, and later tobacco once the colonists came to the new world (“Southeast Indian” 1). In addition to farming, the Cherokee hunted, fished, and gathered food. They gathered berries, nuts, seeds, flowers, and other herbs to eat and for medication. “In both salt and fresh waters a wide variety of fish were taken; fishing equipment included weirs, traps, dip nets,
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