American History : The Great Depression

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Bailey Jorgensen
American history
The Great Depression

The Great Depression The Great Depression was a terrible time for people in the United States. With the stock market crash, there were many people without jobs, homes, or they didn’t have anything. Many Americans were left with nothing more than the clothes on their back and their family. Many banks and businesses had to close because on the stock market crash. Even though these times in the thirties seemed to be hard for most people, the American people did not just sit around and do nothing. Many new fads and activities were made up in this time and many of these fads are around today. The times were hard, but not everything was bad for the American people and, in the end, everything would be better than it was before the Great Depression happened. The Great Depression was and is a huge part of history and a great one to learn about. This paper will talk about what the Great Depression is and how it happened, how life was for people of the Great Depression including in the dust bowl, and life after the Great Depression.

The Great Depression, according to the book The Great Depression written by Elaine Landau, was the period of time that began in 1929 and ended in the early 1940’s. The book also states that “most people trace the start of the Great Depression to October 29, 1929”(Landau, 2007). This day was known black Tuesday. On this day, the stock market crashed. Most people who were crushed were those who…
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