American History : The Louisiana Purchase

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The Louisiana Purchase
More than two centuries ago, in 1803, the United States undertook a transaction that increased its territory by almost double. The event took place within a short notice, without engaging in war and with the briefest negotiations. Hailed as the most significant achievement of the Thomas Jefferson administration, the purchase of Louisiana expanded the US territory by about eight hundred and twenty-eight million square miles. Thomas Jefferson, the president at the time, purchased Louisiana for approximately four cents an acre. The territory stretched from the Rocky Mountains in the west to the Mississippi river in the east and from the Canadian borders in the north to the Mexican gulf in the south.
The transaction to purchase Louisiana took place at a time when France, Spain, and Britain, were among the world powers of the time. In addition, they all had a stake in the US territory and specifically the crucial Mississippi river. The discussion in this paper will analyse the circumstances surrounding the purchase of Louisiana. It will also discuss the conditions that led America to purchase the Louisiana territory from the French in 1803. The discussion will then move to assess the effect of the Louisiana Purchase on the future development of the USA, as well as the international balance of power. The paper will also explore the political, economic, and social…

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