American History : The World 's Richest Woman ' The Witch Of Wall Street '

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Throughout the course of American history, women have been forced to manipulate their own societal roles in order to cling to autonomy, due to the dominance of white Anglo-Saxon males in the economic, political, and social sectors. The capitalistic achievements of Hetty Green, a late 19th century entrepreneur named “The World’s Richest Woman,” or more appropriately, “The Witch of Wall Street,” exemplified such a notion (Wallach). Green’s legacy as a stringent and savvy investor, boasting a net worth of 200 million dollars at her death that belittled the 80 million dollar estate of J.P. Morgan (Columbia), has been expunged from historical records, instead leaving behind an monotonous transcript of male exceptionalism and supposed “industrial statesmen[ship]” during the Gilded Age (“Robber Barons”).Women’s perceived identities throughout time have been vastly malleable, with opponents of gender equality resorting to the belittlement of females intellect in order to regain power; women have been forced to utilize these generalizations in order to advance themselves, displayed specifically through the philosophy of “republican motherhood”,” the job opportunities available during the Revolutionary War, and the rise of feminine conservatism, ultimately revealing the hidden path to power, which, cladden with thorns and underbrush, has dictated the outcome of Hetty Green’s legacy and continues to warp the identities of females into the twenty first century.
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