American History X By Tony Kaye

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American History X American History X, directed by Tony Kaye, is one of the most controversial, critically-acclaimed movies of the twentieth century. The film is about a man named Derek who serves three-years in prison for murdering two African-American gang members who broke into his truck. Derek’s younger brother, Danny, tells the story of how Derek became this hateful, racist person through various flashback throughout the story. Danny and Derek’s father was killed by an African-American while fighting a fire. Their father used to tell Derek terrible things about African-Americans and that they do not deserve to be in this country because they are taking away the jobs of hardworking white men. This triggered something in Derek’s mind, which prompted him to become the leader of the “neo-Nazi skinheads”, an all white gang trying to get justice for all the white men who lost their jobs to immigrants. This group was created by a manipulating man named Cameron who convinces vulnerable men to believe in his crazy theories However, after Derek serves time in prison, his perspective changes when he befriends a black man named Lamont and is betrayed and brutally raped by his ‘own kind’. Lamont is a nice, kindhearted person who was serving six years for a crime he half committed. With the help from Lamont and Derek’s old teacher Sweeney, Derek realizes he does not want to live his old lifestyle anymore and only cares about protecting his family. Derek tries to prevent Danny from
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