American History X Detailed Summary

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Detailed Summary
The story begins with a black and white flashback of the moment when Derek commits the murder of the two young Afro-American's. Danny wakes up to see one of the men standing by the front door but can't see whether he is armed or not. He goes to tell his brother Derek who is in bed with Stacy, his girlfriend. Derek takes a semi-automatic pistol and sees two blacks and one in the car ready for a getaway. Derek plunges out of the front door and shoots the first Afro-American several times and spots the other trying to run away. He takes aim and fires again mortally wounding the second. The car driver speeds off with Derek firing several shots at the car, emptying the magazine. In slow motion he goes back to the wounded man to
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Danny looks over the same basketball park now and sees that the blacks are back on it with Little Henry the black gang member that confronted Danny earlier on.
Derek didn't allow his family to visit or write to him for the three years while he was in prison. Now he is released and Danny comes home to meet him after school. They lost their original home after Derek had lost his job and Doris Vineyard. Their mother is also unwell, coughing and lying on the couch suffering probably from lung cancer. When Danny gets home, Derek notices the tattoo on Danny's arm with the letters DOC underneath the logo. Danny tells Derek that it was Cameron that had persuaded Danny to have it done. Derek is not impressed but doesn't say anything. Seth arrives with his video camera to welcome back Derek. Derek, meanwhile, is on the phone to Dr Sweeney who tells him about Danny's assignment and Derek agrees to help Danny in his own way. Seth videotapes Danny reciting right wing and skinhead ideology about hating that 'it is cool to be black' and the hip hop influence on the suburbs. Derek finishes his phone call and is listening to Danny's views while shaking his head.
Derek assembles the family in the room while Seth is left outside waiting to get something to eat. He tells them that he is planning to move them out of the area so they can make a new start. Derek
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