American Identity Reflection

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I have always been highly captivated by the notion of human behavior. Throughout my first three years of high school, I had always taken very general class courses, that is until this year. I wanted to take different courses to fully have a high school experience, and see what other choices there were to help me enhance my education. Never had I thought that taking one specific course would completely change my perspective on life. American Identity is a social science class focused on the main study of race, class, and identity. At the beginning of this course, our teacher told us to write a paper on our identity. At first I had no idea how to begin this assignment mainly because I didn't know for sure what my identity consisted of. I began with the…show more content…
From simply having class discussion, I picked up on many things that can relate to my life, and I consider them to be lessons. My teacher has taught me to become a more critical-thinker, and think about life, the media, and how knowledge is very powerful. One great lesson my teacher taught me was to never let anyone influence your way of thinking, it all must come from you and your personal experiences. I have to say, this class so far has changed many beliefs of mine, mainly with the topic of race. Race is a modern idea, race has no genetic basis, skin color really is only skin deep, most variation exist within not between “races”, slavery predates race, in this country both race and freedom were raised together, race justify social inequalities as natural, race is not biological, but racism still exists. I have always known I wanted to become a psychologist, but this class made me have a stronger interest in the way humanity
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