American Ideology By Benjamin Franklin

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Ever since settlers arrived in America, American ideology began to form and has expanded since. American ideology simply cannot be described in a mere few words, but in Benjamin Franklin’s “Information to Those Who Would Remove to America” and Washington Irving’s “Rip Van Winkle” utility plays a part and impacts the building up of American ideology by not only forming the basis for success in the colonies, but even in the present day. In Benjamin Franklin’s “Information to Those Who Would Remove to America,” Franklin introduces the idea of utility in American ideology. Franklin describes this when he describes the qualities needed to thrive in America: “Most people cultivate their own lands or follow some handicraft or merchandise” (Franklin ##). Franklin says that if a person wants to come to America, he or she have the will to work. Franklin also reinforces the ideology of utility when he describes America: “American is the land of labor” (Franklin ). Franklin states that in order to succeed and prosper in America, one must want to work. If one does not want to work, then he or she cannot succeed in America because in America an individual must do his or her own work. Franklin reinforces the idea of utility through the speckled axe example. Franklin states that even though a speckled axe does not look as sharp or as clean as a new axe, the speckled axe still displays more utility because the speckled axe has worked before as compared to the new axe because the nex axe
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