American Idol Case Study

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Case Analysis Week 1
American Idol Case
Mostafa Morshedi
MKT 645 Qualitative Research in Customer Behavior
California Intercontinental University
Date: 11/18/2012

American Idol Case
To perform a prefect marketing research, it is needed to identify and define the marketing research problem accurately and then develop a proper approach. The American Idol case is a challenging management decision and marketing research problem case, focusing on reasons why to conduct a study on the viewers and voters. In this case study, we review defining the marketing research problem and developing an approach process, including objective/theoretical framework, analytical model, research questions, hypothesizes and specification of information
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* H1: teenagers are majority voters. * H2: Adults vote more than teenagers do. * Are women interested to vote more than men do? * H3: women are tough fans and consequently vote more than men do. * H4: Men vote more than women do. * How many of show watchers vote? * H5: More than 90% of watchers vote. * H6: 70 to 90% of watchers vote. * H7: 75% to 70% of watchers vote. * H8: Less than 50% of watchers vote. * Do voters and viewer remember about the sponsor? * H9: all remember who the sponsor was. * H10: They hardly know about the sponsor.
So based on above components, analytical model, research questions, and hypothesis we can determine the specification of information needed. * The age demographic of show viewers * The age demographic of voters * Sex of show viewers * Sex of voters * Participation percentage in voting * Sponsorship effectiveness and durability * The main reasons of voting/not voting
Key concepts of a marketing research problem is first determine management decision problems, and then defining a broad marketing research problem, which in turn should be narrowed down by specific components. These specific components guide researchers to define an approach to the problem, find relevant objective/theoretical framework and choose among

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