American Immigration Policy And Immigrants

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American Immigration Policy and Immigrants since 1882 Years after years, flows of people immigrating to the United States have been raising up steadily, with the aim of pursuing the American dream, the dream of seeking prosperity and success in an equal society. Before 1882, the U.S had no immigration policy, in which the new comers could settle permanent inhabitants within America. After that period of time, the formidable numbers of arrivals had turned the attitudes of native government toward the effect of foreign dwellers on American life in which restriction policy on immigration has been unleashed. From 1882 to 1924, the immigration doors were slowly closed, beginning with the Chinese Exclusion Act on May 6, 1882 that prohibiting all immigration of Chinese laborers. Then, the fuel from the Nativism of Immigration Restriction League as well as the consequences of the WWI and effects from the First Red Scare have helped ratifying the 1921 Immigration Act that limited annual number of immigrants from certain countries. Not only European and Asian immigrants were affected but Latin Americans were also influenced by the immigration policy as well as the Great Depression within the United States, and Mexican immigrants during 1930s were a great example. However, the doors were quite opened again with the end of quota system in 1965 that based on families reunification and skilled labors attraction. Following the terrorist event of 9/11, the immigration doors have…
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