American Immigration : The Influence Of Immigration In America

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In a world with so many current problems, immigration remains one of the most talked about ones. Day in and day out, immigrants work hard to achieve permanent residency or citizenship in the U.S. and live in constant fear. While some Americans understand the importance of immigration and believe immigration strengthens the American society, others are taking it to social media to express their humour or anti-immigration feelings. A few are even going to the extent of approaching certain people of immigrant groups and attacking them with foul language and/or violence. One such incident occurred just a few months ago in February. Adam W. Purinton, a white Kansas resident, went back to a bar he was kicked out of for throwing racial slurs at two Indians while asking them about their immigration status and shot them both killing one and wounding the other. Purinton shot them “because of their actual and perceived race, color, religion and national origin.” Not even two weeks later, an Indian-born man was outside his house in Seattle when an attacker shouted “Go back to your own country” before shooting him in the arm. Incidents like these are leaving many Indian immigrants worried for themselves and their families. As an Indian-born immigrant myself, I feel the need to address how important Indian immigration is as well as the process it took for the immigrants to get to the U.S. and how a lot of people are still waiting to be naturalized.

Indians make up 4.7% of the nation’s
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