American Imperialism : America 's Quest For Dominance

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The start of a country we know today as America was started with a few different ideologies. One of them is a new start away from Britain and the other was the continued encroachment against the native population. It started off with the need of survival and it continued until the destruction of an entire people and culture was nearly complete. Soon, after the civil war Americans began pushing west in the name of “manifest destiny, the belief that the United States had a ‘God-given’ right to aggressively spread the values of white civilization and expand the nation from ocean to ocean” (Roark 14). This is the start of American imperialism that lasted over a century, during the time; genocides and countless death are milestones in America’s quest for dominance. I am defining American imperialism is the policy expand one’s influence through economic, democratic or military force with the belief of the benefit to the country. American imperialism plays in important role through history as the cause of not only the genocides of the Native Americans, but the ultimate cause of the holocaust and even racism. The destruction of native life was systematic in nature and destructive by force. Soon after the civil war many people wanted to settle out west but were unable to because of the indigenous people, who were living in the area at the time. In an attempt to relocate them the United States created Indian reservations. Due to poverty and the terrible conditions of these
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