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There are many aspects we can cite from the film The Conversation, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, that run parallel with the themes we find evident in other films that would be considered American Independent films. Coppola’s films work to bend the traditional rules of Hollywood filmmaking. To begin, one aspect that American Independent films are usually void of is a very distinct sense of closure. Often times, we find that these films don’t give us the closure we need and often times force the viewer to take an introspective view of the ending of the film. Many directors employ methods which force the viewer to realize that the entire premise of the movie is completely fictional and made up so that they must take aspects from their own life and connect them to the film. In turn, this makes the film very subjective, affecting each viewer differently.…show more content…
In the instance of The Conversation, the film is essentially just about a person who is trying to perform their job but they are unaware of what is being done or what they are being used for. In the ending scene of the film we can see that Coppola is working against the formation of closure, leaving us with an ambiguous close to the film. This film also works deeply as a detective story. Traditionally, in Coppola’s films he captures the stages a person comes to know and accept himself through making peace with their vices. In the case of The Conversation, the film is split into a time period spanning six days, with each passing day Harry continues to his final descent into madness. It is evident that this film captures a more personal side of Coppola, leaning away from the commerciality which can be cited in some of his other
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