American Indian Activism And Setting Ground As A Feminist Writing

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When it comes to writing, the purpose and voice of the author is extremely important when it comes to reaching out to the intended audience. Writing is all about authors expressing themselves through poems, books, short stories, etc. For the most part, authors write for different purposes whether it is for informing, entertaining, or persuade. As for Joy Harjo, this author bases her writing on expressing her views and opinion on American Indian activism and setting ground as a Feminist writing. She is known for being an important voice in the rebirth of the indigenous culture and for relying her poetry for experimenting culture, structure, and language. Aside from her writing, she is also a musician; from my perspective Joy Harjo…show more content…
Like that of what I mentioned previously, Harjo desired to play the saxophone but they did not allow her to play since she was female. Although she was denied to play the saxophone in high school she later continued and went on to play this instrument and performs in bands and solo to this day. As a young adult at just the age of 17 she gave birth to her first child. Taking the responsibilities of a now mother, Joy Harjo took the birth of her first child at such a young age to have no major setback in pursuing her dreams and accomplishing what she wanted to reach in life. After the birth of her first child, she enrolled into the University of New Mexico where she then received her bachelor’s degree in the year 1976. While still in the university, Harjo started writing poetry. It was during this time period that Harjo figured what she would use her writing skills for. Joy Harjo’s work is mainly concerned over the topic of feminism and Native American justice. Harjo bases her work on matters of politics, tradition, aspects of poetry, and incorporation of past, present, and future. She uses myths and old tales deprived from her culture and incorporates such aspects into her writing which makes her work that much more effective for the audience to rely Joy Harjo’s purpose of writing over the topics she takes importance of. In the year 1968,
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