American Indian Genocide Museum : The Confederate Flag, Buffalo Soldiers At Wounded Knee And Clarifying History

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The American educational system is a deeply flawed organization that primarily puts a strong emphasis on American exceptionalism. The problem with this type of thinking, is that it washes out the tragedies of history and places an unhealthy amount of importance on American achievement. As a result, people are not grasping the full image of historic events and are skewed in their ways of thinking due to a biased mindset. In the article “American Indian Genocide Museum: The Confederate Flag, Buffalo Soldiers at Wounded Knee and Clarifying History”, by Steve Melendez, a recent controversy is discussed. According to Melendez, in 2011 Jerry Patterson, a Land Commissioner, tried to get both a confederate flag license plate and a Buffalo soldier license plate approved by the DMV commissioners; the confederate flag plate was rejected, and the Buffalo soldier plate was approved (Melendez 1). The significance of this, is that both are symbols of genocide and oppression. However, the Buffalo soldier license plate was approved, because they are not looked at as figures as violence, but instead heroes. This is primarily because most Americans were not properly taught about the Buffalo Soldiers. Throughout history, racial superiority has always been sought after and has resulted in several tragedies. In order to carry out the Indian Removal act of 1830, black men were allowed to join the military, and were later named “Buffalo Soldiers”. In the article, the author talks mainly about the…
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