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Assessment Analysis Paper Gentina Thompson NUR440: Health Assessment and Promotion for Vulnerable Population September 22, 2014 Assessment tools are a necessary part of everyday nursing care. They provide the nurse with measurable means of keeping inventory of a patient’s physical progression from shift to shift. Assessment tools like the Braden scale which assess the patient’s skin quality; along with the falls risk scale that assess how high the patient’s chances are for falling; are two common assessment tools used worldwide. Along with these physical assessment tools are an array of non-physical assessment tools used to evaluate anything from the patient’s coping skills to evaluating their stress level. Three popular ones are the…show more content…
Patients with chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, or multiple surgeries may experience higher levels of stress; especially if they are parents or have a spouse that they normally take care of. My patients normally exhibit some level of stress that is hard to determine sometimes with just simple conversation. These assessment tools would make it much easier to gauge the mental state our patients are in when referencing stress level. It would give specific questions to ask about the patient’s current stress level and could be ice breakers into diving deeper into what’s going on with the patient and can be used as building blocks to help with the patient’s issues once and for all; or at least better equip them with coping skills. Using these assessment tools and other like them would equip the nursing staff with the tool needed to provider more holistic care to the patient which is synonymous with Watson’s Theory of caring. In my vulnerable population paper I referenced the HIV population and the struggles they go through. It is my experience that has shown me that al lot of times it is difficult to get the patient to open up and convers about what they are feeling about this horrible diagnosis. Some of them like my aunt have dealt with it for so long that it becomes easy for them to mask how they feel. I would like to suggest out of sense of resilience they have learned to suppress their
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