American Indians And American Indian Indians

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Indian students, “American Indian respondents tended to view the Fighting Sioux nickname/logo as not honoring University of North Dakota or the Sioux people” (LaRocque, McDonald, Weatherly, & Ferraro, 2011 p. 3). This proves that there is a huge negative connotation associated with these school mascots and according to American Indians themselves, they are not pleased with the current situation. It is important to realize the majority of people claiming that they are honoring the American Indian tribes are not American Indians and should not have a say in the matter of honor. It may also be considered offensive to those who are of the American Indian heritage to have others who know nothing about their culture to assume that they are pleased with the honoring of their native heritage. Hypothetically, if a person did not know much about a Norwegian lifestyle, it would be offensive if they started describing the culture to others or assuming that Norwegians would like a certain statue or symbol to resemble their heritage that would last for numerous years down the road. It would not be fair to those of Norwegian lifestyle to have to live surrounded by the false accusations and assumptions of others that not only offend, but bring pain to some people. So how is it fair that people do that through the use of mascots every day for those of a different culture than their own? It is one thing for someone to represent their own culture in a way they please, but for another person
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