American Inequality Essay

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Inequality exists around us. One of the inequalities is the income received by a person or member of a family. This income includes wages, salaries, pensions, and interest derived from assets. Income inequality refers to the various income within a given population. This inequality is especially high in the United States. This inequality stems from the changes within the U.S. economic structure coupled with the changes in our government policy. At least 80% of all citizens work in a service related job. These types of jobs pay far less than the manufacturing jobs that dominated the American economy. With the present economy looking bad, most employers are laying off employees and possibly replacing them with lower paying temporary or …show more content…
It is a set of values that emphasizes living in the moment than rather being thrifty, investing in the future or plain hard work. It was first promoted by Oscar Lewis. He says that the poor recognize that success is beyond their reach no matter how hard they work or how thrifty they are, they will not succeed. Thus the poor come to value living for the moment. Others have claimed the poor families remain poor over generations because of lack of family values. This lack promotes teen pregnancy, children being raised by welfare, and single moms. Others claims that poor youths especially nonwhites see work, education, and marriage as something they despise. Why do they despise these things? Because they see these as symbols of the middle class social structure. Research have show that poor people have the same attitudes toward welfare, work, education, and marriage as the middle class. This research suggests that teen pregnancy and the live for the moment attitude is actually a result of the poor mentality instead of a cause. The poor is also from the changing labor market. In recent years, the labor market has gone from industrial to service related jobs. This itself has eliminated many good paying jobs for people who has little education. These people usually have a dead-end jobs, with no benefits at minimum wages that does not pay enough to pay someone out of the poor social class. This is the major cause of poverty. The
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