American Influence and Foreign Policy in Iranian Revolution and Iranian Hostage Crisis

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Did American foreign policy and influence lead to the Iranian revolution and spark the Iranian hostage crisis? Part A This investigation determines to what extent American foreign policy, within the years 1953-1982, caused the Iranian embassy siege. Furthermore, it questions the role that the Carter and Kennedy administrations had in furthering the American agenda within Iran. In order to assess the role American influence played, this investigation evaluates the relations between the Carter administration and Mohammed Raza Pahlevi during his tenure as Shah. Carter’s Middle-Eastern foreign policy is examined to gain further insight into the influence that the United States had over Pahlevi. Also, the role that the televised address from…show more content…
Iranians believed that Pahlevi should be returned to Iran to face charges for his actions. The conflict lasted 444 days due to Khomeini’s support of situation. It was used as a bargaining chip to unfreeze the Shah's assets and return them to Iran. Furthermore, Khomeini demanded that the Shah was returned to Iran to face trial for his actions. "Khomeini accused the U.S. of exploiting Iran’s resources and money. He claimed that because of U.S. exploitation, Iranians were forced to engage in a revolution where Iranian blood was shed." Operation Canadian Caper rescued 7 Americans using a plot that involved them filming a Sci-Fi movie within Iran. Part C The film Argo directed by Ben Affleck takes us within Operation Canadian Caper.Argo was produced in 2012 for entertainment value. It has a strong American bias as it fails to recognize Canadian involvement within Operation Canadian Caper. Furthermore, some of the scene within the movie are fictional to increase Hollywood hype.Argo was praised by Tony Mendez and Lee Schatz, the two men in charge of Operation Canadian Caper, for accurately reporting the events of said operation. Furthermore, it “ The Islamic Revolution of 1979: The Downfall of American- Iranian Relations” analyzes American- Iranian diplomacy from 1953- 1979. It is an explanation of the causes and developments of the Iranian revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini’s rise to power and

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