American Influence over New Zealand Culture

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American Influence over New Zealand Culture
Mark Fraser

November 18, 2004

War World 2 was a pivotal point of change for New Zealand. The country went from being a colonial country dependent or rather in awe of our mother country, England, to being a Colonial country now more excited with new contact with the new world super power of America. America's acceptance as defender of the Pacific was the wedge that quickly romanticises the New Zealand people into a 60 year love affair with all things American. New Zealand has now reached a point where American media and influence in this country has now become integrated into the New Zealand culture and psyche itself.
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But even with this abundance of Americana in their own home, the family, if asked, would remain adamant that they really aren't too affected by American culture. This is because it has now become part of our own.

The transition from English to a more American New Zealand started right back in 1942. The war in Europe was in full swing and New Zealand had begun to rally the troops. All able men were conscripted into the New Zealand army. Japan had begun its attack of several Asia/Pacific Islands. Pearl Harbour had just taken place and America was looking for launching pad for its counter strike against Japan. As the Japanese expanded in the Pacific and British control of the seas weakened, New Zealand was on the verge of pulling its men from the war in Europe to defend the country. Winston Churchill, the English Prime Minister, turned to the U.S President Roosevelt to send troops to New Zealand in aid of the small pacific nation. The United States saw this as a perfect opportunity to establish a "staging post for operations against the Japanese within the Pacific" (Phillips, J). Thousands of US soldiers poured into New Zealand. It was the first time for many New Zealanders that they had encountered Americans. By May 1943 there were more than 40,000 U.S troops (Fig.1) in New Zealand. American forces were always at some point of comings to and from the war in the Pacific. The
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